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School Policies

School Policies:

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Behavior Guidelines:

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Student Phone & Personal Electronic Policy

  • We do not allow students to use or have their cell phones and/or personal electronic devices out during the school day. Students are expected to turn off and put away in backpacks (not pockets) when the first bell rings at 8:10 and remain off until the end of the day (3:05pm). Smart watches can be worn as watches as long as they are not being used to text, call, or be online during the school day. If a student has their device in their pocket and/or is found using them, an adult will confiscate the device.
  • Any devices that are confiscated will be turned into the main office and will only be released to a parent or guardian.
  • Further, any student texting, or using social media during the school day may be subject to disciplinary actions.
  • Finally the John Muir staff is not responsible for lost or stolen electronics.