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Academic Programs

John Muir Middle School offers a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum that is aligned with the California State Content Standards.  Benchmark assessments are given in core subjects at regular intervals to measure growth and level of student mastery.  Student achievement data is examined to make curricular decisions.  In addition to a strong academic program, Muir also offers a wide variety of elective courses in the areas of Computers, Digital Music, Industrial Arts, Leadership, Spanish, and Art.  The Physical Education Department has developed an outstanding curriculum that focuses on sports, teamwork, and physical fitness.

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade

Language Arts 6

Social Studies 6

Science 6

Physical Education 6

Math 6

Math 6 Accelerated

Math Lab 6

Speech & Debate

Computer Science Fundamentals

Language Arts 7

Social Studies 7

Science 7

Physical Education 7

Math 7

Math 7 Accelerated

Math Lab 7

Algebra 1

(see below)

Language Arts 8

Social Studies 8

Science 8

Physical Education 8

Math 8

Math 8 Accelerated

Math Lab 8

Algebra 1





Electives Courses